A marketing package to kickstart your business

During tough times marketing budgets are usually cut. So as we slowly return to a new normal, why not get a headstart on the competition?

What might you be marketing? Well, while your business may or may not have changed, your customers definitely have. They have new concerns and new needs. And it’s time to connect with them again. To show them you understand them and can fufil their needs.

Our BE FIRST Package offers an affordable and highly engaging copy/messaging and social media revival that includes:

1 x homepage/landing page to reframe your key business messaging
1 x Services/Product overview page to explain the details and benefits
1 x About page to tell them your vision and values if they have changed.
1 x EDM copy to connect with your database
1 x blog to expand on why they need a service/product like yours (and to lead them to your website)
4 x Sponsored social media posts to update your customers on your operating conditions post lockdown, or drive them to your website (does not include ad spend)
1 x Audience build to target new and existing customers on Facebook and Instagram
1 x summary report at the end of social campaign

$1850 + GST

To book your package – or if you have any other questions – fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.